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Special Evolutions

Special evolutions vary from MEGU to MEGU, and unless you know the specific requirements to an evolution, a lot of it contains guessing and testing or trial and error.

There are certain things that typically result in a special evolution:

-not bathing your MEGU and not cleaning your MEGUs house DOES NOT affect your MEGUs evolution at all!

-You can try to get your MEGU to the highest or lowest Stress or Reliability [they increase and decrease together]. You can achieve this by smacking your MEGU. But, it takes much longer compared to over petting your MEGU until you are hated. You can also pet your MEGU until the Reliability is greatly trusted and Stress is being bone lazy. Remember the most times you can pet your MEGU at one time is 8 times until it is irritated.

-Here is a list I made of Reliability and Stress and how they correspond with each other:
[from worst to best] 

Reliability - You are hated / Stress - Irritated

Reliability - You are disliked / Stress - Being in a foul mood

Reliability - You are ignored / Stress - Running helter-skelter

Reliability - You are made irrelevant / Stress - Trembling slightly

Reliability - You are not disliked / Stress - Getting wishy-washy

Reliability - You are perhaps trusted / Stress - Bracing up

Reliability - You are trusted / Stress - Smiling

Reliability - You are well trusted / Stress - Being constantly drowsy

Reliability - You are received as a family member / Stress - Taking life slowly

Reliability - You are greatly trusted / Stress - Being bone lazy

- I also made a Health List [from best to worst]:

Super fine
Feeling fine
Not too bad 
Not so good 
Feeling dizzy 
Huffing and puffing 
Breathing hard
" "
[There is more beyond breathing hard…]

-Some MEGUs will also special evolve if they reach their maximum or minimum weight

-Some special evolutions may also require you to have a certain number of elixirs. This means to have them in your possession or inventory. You do not actually use these elixirs in order to special evolve. The maximum number of elixirs needed to special evolve is 15 and the minimum number of elixirs needed to special evolve is 3.

-In order to successfully special evolve your MEGU you may need to have a combination of these requirements above.

-If you fail to special evolve your MEGU DO NOT WORRY! if you see your MEGU evolving into its normal evolution simply SHAKE your device and it will stop the evolution immediately! Of course, you can use this trick for when you don’t want your MEGU to evolve at all or into its normal or special evolutions. If you charged your device to evolve your MEGU and shake your device to stop the evolution you will get from your 99w or 100w to 30w not back to 0w. If you used a voltamin and evolved your MEGU and shake your device to stop it from evolving you will get your voltamin back.

-If you do not want your MEGU to special evolve you can avoid your MEGU evolving into its special evolution by doing the opposite of the special evolution requirements or just simply not matching any or one of the requirements it is very simple to do.

Before asking about a certain special evolution, check to see if it is under the “Special Evolution Requirements” dropdown menu under the blog description in the sidebar. If you don’t see the special evolution requirements for your specific MEGU type then feel free to send in an ask or try the below!

there really is only 4 combinations to try and if they don’t work then it has something to do with the health bar or number of elixirs in your possession or a different reliability/stress level

Reliability - You are hated / Stress - Irritated + max weight

Reliability - You are hated / Stress - Irritated + lowest weight

Reliability - You are greatly trusted / Stress - Being bone lazy + max weight

Reliability - You are greatly trusted / Stress - Being bone lazy + lowest weight 

Good luck and happy evolving!^^

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