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in loving memory


in loving memory

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We’ve had so much fun in the sun that now we all look like strays …


We’ve had so much fun in the sun that now we all look like strays …

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he fight back tears 

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hello friends!! 

thank you for accepting GOODBYE MEGU so warmly~ 

he is flying so high.

i’m leaving for seattle for a cousin’s wedding this saturday and i’ll be gone until the 20th, so i will be leaving the store open, but any orders from that time will not be shipped until the 22nd. 

there are only a few copies left!! a huuuuge thank you to everyone who has purchased one so far. MEGU lives on in our hearts forever.

i’ll be going to the post office tomorrow (10 jul) and friday (11 jul) with any orders made before 12 noon on the 11th.

buy here!!! (◕ ω ◕)

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LATEST UPDATE 08/07/2014



This is Sugiyama from Kawaii Pet Megu Port Project.

Updated client
- Included mini version (Megu 2.0 mini.exe)
- Included BGM/SFX off menu (on settings)

Install guide
- Uninstall the old version on windows programs manager. should be named Megu Port 2.0
- Unzip the new .zip file in…

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New Version and Tumblr

Hello, this is Sugiyama. I updated the client to include a mini version plus some additional small changes. I created a tumblr to communicate with you better :) . This is the address http://kpmegu.tumblr.com/

jojonyon asked : Wait, so KPM is done for good, until further notice, I understand that. But, did you create an alternative PC version of the app?

I didn’t. A random kpm fan made the pc version. He talks about himself on his blogspot

dakkori asked : where could i find a list of every megu pet? i checked the evolution chart in the sidebar but many of the images appear to be broken.

When i started the list of megus under the evo chart i used the images used at kawaiipetmegu.com (the site usagi owned) for the earlier types of megus but, i guess since the site no longer exists the images are gone too

If you go through my archive i am sure you can find files you can download from the app that users have extracted already. You can download all the megu image files and you will have your own list. Or download the current pc version of the game and it has a list of all the megus on it too. Glgl.

az-sunset asked : To remove furniture go to edit, click on the furniture and press delete and to flip the furniture it's backspace :) been messing around with it lol.

Thank you i could not figure it out xD

Screen Size Fix

Hello, this is Sugiyama from Kawaii pet megu port. I updated the program size to better fit your screen. I hope this fix the problems you had. Please redownload the new version on my blog or on the following link.